Hims & Hers Expands Into Cardiovascular Health with New Dual-Action Capabilities

July 31, 2023

One in four U.S. men die of heart disease. Hims aims to expand access to preventive care with new dual-action capabilities that support sexual health and the heart together, signaling the company’s next frontier of personalized health and wellness.

Hims & Hers Health, Inc. (“Hims & Hers”, NYSE: HIMS), the leading health and wellness platform, today announced a new approach to enable providers to personalize sexual health treatment for men that also supports cardiovascular health. Through Heart Health by Hims, providers will be able to personalize treatments to combine active ingredients found in clinically proven medications to address multiple conditions in one pill, demonstrating Hims & Hers’ rapidly advancing technology and pharmacy capabilities.

Heart Health by Hims (Graphic: Business Wire)

Heart Health by Hims (Graphic: Business Wire)

This also marks the company’s first step into cardiovascular health and is part of its expanding mission to create holistic, personalized health and wellness solutions.

Complementing today’s launch, Hims & Hers also announced a strategic collaboration with the American College of Cardiology (ACC) that supports Hims & Hers’ ongoing commitment to clinical excellence. The Heart Health by Hims approach uses clinical protocols that are based on principles of the ACC’s Atherosclerotic Cardiovascular Disease risk estimator. In addition, Heart Health by Hims customers will have access to cardiovascular health resources and education materials through CardioSmart.org, the patient engagement initiative of the ACC.

In addition, Hims & Hers is partnering with Labcorp, a global leader of innovative and comprehensive laboratory services. Heart Health by Hims customers will soon be able to schedule lab-based heart health testing by Labcorp at a time and place convenient for them. Lab results will then be integrated directly into the Hims & Hers proprietary electronic medical record, enabling providers to further personalize care, as appropriate.

Nearly half of the American population has a form of CVD, which is responsible for one out of every four deaths of men nationwide. Engaging in preventive care for the heart is critically important, but many people are unaware of their risk factors, have limited access to affordable, high-quality care, or simply don’t seek preventive treatment.

“Prevention is the ideal mechanism to decrease cardiovascular events and ensure optimal heart health and requires an infrastructure for screening individuals and empowering them to actively reduce risk factors like cholesterol levels before heart disease develops,” said Dr. Ami Bhatt, Chief Innovation Officer for the American College of Cardiology. “By integrating ACC clinical guidance, tools and resources into Hims’ protocols, there is an opportunity to identify at-risk patients and increase patient education, lifestyle modification, initiation of appropriate preventive therapy and improve medication adherence. Given Hims’ innovative approach to engaging their patient community, this collaboration provides the opportunity to assess and treat a whole new generation of patients at scale and potentially reduce their risk of a future heart attack.”

The evidence-based clinical guidelines that providers on the platform follow were developed in collaboration with preeminent physician leaders, including cardiometabolic expert Dr. Deepak Bhatt and men’s health expert Dr. Martin Miner.

As part of the Heart Health by Hims launch, providers will be able to personalize a treatment that combines ingredients found in clinically proven ED medications and statins, which have been trusted by providers for decades to improve sexual health and lower cholesterol, respectively. Lowering cholesterol through statin therapy can reduce mortality and protect against major adverse cardiovascular events like heart attacks and strokes. Clinical evidence also suggests that ED can be an independent risk factor for CVD – with other research indicating ED symptoms can precede clinically evident CVD by an average of two up to three years.

As a trusted health and wellness pioneer that already counts more than a million people on the platform today, Hims & Hers has a unique opportunity to enable access to treatment for sexual health while identifying people with elevated CVD risk factors and connecting them with high-quality preventive care. Approximately 30 percent of Hims customers have one or more factors that can put them at higher risk for developing CVD in their lifetime.

“Since the beginning of our journey six years ago, we’ve had an unwavering commitment to establish Hims as a trusted destination for men’s health and wellness, and expanding access to heart health has always been a cornerstone of that vision. Hundreds of thousands of men are lost each year to cardiovascular disease, but taking simple steps like starting a statin therapy can help men begin to address those risks,” said Andrew Dudum, Hims & Hers Co-founder and CEO. “I wasn't even aware of my risk factors until recently, but I owed it to my own family to take my heart health seriously. We want to reach millions of other fathers, sons, grandfathers and husbands out there who feel the same way by expanding our capabilities to address multiple health issues at once.”

Hims & Hers’ approach offers an efficient way to tackle both ED and high cholesterol simultaneously. Studies suggest that simplifying medication regimens can significantly improve adherence, and other research has shown that patients receiving a single-pill combination therapy were more likely to be more adherent to their medication regimen.

"If heart disease can continually be the top killer of all people annually, then the traditional healthcare system has clearly fallen short. Overcoming those shortcomings starts with removing the unnecessary barriers people face when attempting to access preventive cardiovascular care,” said Dr. Patrick Carroll, Hims & Hers Chief Medical Officer. “Our North Star has always been to remove these barriers and find innovative ways to connect with people who often don’t seek treatment elsewhere. That’s why we’ve been the trusted destination for hundreds of thousands of men seeking solutions for their sexual health, but now we can be a place for the millions who are at risk and don’t know it.”

For more information about Heart Health by Hims, please visit www.forhims.com/erectile-dysfunction. You also can hear Hims & Hers Co-founder and CEO Andrew Dudum explain the motivations behind Heart Health by Hims in his own words here.

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